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Interviewing Mistakes That Hiring Managers Hate

A topic that keeps coming up in this blog is positive steps you can take before and during a job interview to help seal the deal. We’d like to share some things to avoid in an interview this time around. Don’t commit any of these blunders, or you may kill your chances of getting the job. 

Do Not Guilt Trip The Interviewer 

Hiring managers want to hear reasons they should hire you. However, these should not include how desperately you need the job. As one manager on Reddit put it, “This is a business, not the Red Cross.” Instead of listing the devastating consequences you’ll suffer if you’re not hired, talk up the qualities you bring to the table that make you a can’t-miss candidate. 

Do Not Make Mistakes On Your Resume

If you want to talk about things that could prevent you from getting an interview in the first place, first on the list could be making spelling mistakes or other errors on your resume – particularly if one of the required job traits is attention to detail. 

Never Lie in Your Interview

Honesty isn’t just the best policy – it’s the only policy you should have during your interview. Embellishing your experience and accomplishments will get you removed from consideration. There’s a reason interviewers take notes – they are certain to verify the details you provide. 

Be Mindful of Your Social Media Presence

What you post on your social media pages is your business, but they could become your prospective employer’s business as well. Posts that are racist, lewd or otherwise objectionable could short-circuit your candidacy. 

Never be Late to Your Interview 

One of the quickest ways to sink an interview is to show up late for it. Proving you are punctual and reliable is an uphill climb from there. 

Keep Religion and Politics at Home

Do you know how they say the two worst topics of conversation are religion and politics? Double that sentiment for job interviews. Unless the job you’re applying for explicitly involves either topic, don’t bring them up. There is multitude of ways such talk could send your interview sideways. 

Never Badmouth Your Former Employers 

We’ve mentioned this on more than one occasion, but if you left your previous job on bad terms, resist the temptation to trash your former employer during the interview. Even if you had legitimate gripes, dissing former workplaces is unprofessional and will dig you a hole it could be hard to get out of. 

Never Use an Inappropriate Email Address 

What’s an inappropriate email address? Well, of course, using an off-color or juvenile email address is a bad look. But so is using another company’s email server. It implies you used company resources and time to look elsewhere for a job. 

Stay off Your Smartphone

Even if it’s out of nervousness, avoid passing the time in the hiring company’s reception area by playing games, taking selfies or otherwise goofing around. A much better use of your time would be reviewing your resumé or exchanging pleasantries with the receptionist. Speaking of which … 

Do Not Be Rude to the Receptionist 

This one should be simple. Don’t be a jerk. Instead, be on your best behavior, as it’s entirely possible the hiring manager may ask the receptionist what they thought of you. 

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