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Take These 4 Steps to Keep Your Production Line Moving Despite Summer Staffing Shortages

Earlier this year, we posted some strategies for coping with “The Great Resignation” – the skilled labor shortage that started in 2021 and shows no signs of stopping. Now, employers are dealing with another staffing shortage, but this one is an annual event: summer.   

A 2019 survey found that 58 percent of the workforce saves up their vacation time for the summer. But while a sizable chunk of your employees may be gone over the next three months, your production goals aren’t going anywhere. Here are four ways to make sure your business keeps running.   

  • Cross-train Your Employees 

One summer staffing solution is cross-training your employees. Switching up roles and responsibilities not only keeps things fresh around the floor, but it also helps fill the gaps in the production lines that can be caused by summer vacations. Plus, cross-training can help your employees build skills that will advance their careers. Everybody wins! 

  •  Offer Extra Work Opportunities 

While some of your employees are away on vacation, those who stick around may very well be looking for ways to augment their income – maybe so they can plan their own dream trip. Create opportunities for these workers to put in some overtime, add shifts or extend the shift they work, or trade summer days off with vacationing employees for coverage during less busy times of the year. 

  •  Go After Grads 

Summer means an influx of college grads entering the job market. It also gives you an opportunity to hire eager entry-level candidates that will strive to go above and beyond as they build their resumes. You may want to run some social media ads specifically targeting this labor market. And make sure your company website showcases the strengths of your workplace culture. 

  •  Use a Staffing Agency 

If you need an influx of talent to keep your business running, use a staffing agency. Not only can an agency get you candidates, but it can also cut down on your hiring time because outsourcing some of your recruiting duties reduces your workload.

Looking For Seasonal Employees?

Mega Force helps employers in Mayodan North Carolina, and surrounding areas with their production staffing. Whether you need summer help, or you want to give your recruiting efforts a boost, start here to learn how we can help.


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