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Why Can’t I Get Hired?

We recently posted about the frustration of an interview dry spell. But let’s say you’ve had no trouble getting interviews. You’ve done the research on multiple potential employers, you’ve dressed the part, and you’ve crushed several interviews. Unfortunately, all you have to show for it is a string of letters saying, “We’ve decided to go in another direction.” So why can’t you get a job? Here are five scenarios that could be in play for a job search that’s coming up empty.  

You’re Giving the Right Answers in the Wrong Way

Remember the company research we just mentioned? It won’t land you the job if you’re not nailing the other parts of the interview. Having the right answers is one thing, but as we mentioned in another recent post, 93 percent of the communication that takes place in an interview is nonverbal. Anything from having a weak handshake to avoiding eye contact may be costing you opportunities.  

You’re Hitting a Testing Wall

On the other hand, sometimes being a charismatic candidate who seems a perfect fit isn’t enough to get hired either. If the job you’re seeking has a skills test as part of the interview process (think typing, data entry or even a personality evaluation), you may be killing your chances if you’re a poor test taker or you simply don’t have the skills required. The good news is that there are resources available to help you practice for these tests, and you can turn around poor test-taking results.  

You’re Not Selling Your Story

You may have all the skills needed for the job you want, but you still must convince the employer that you’re the perfect fit for the open position. As you prepare for your interview, make sure you’re painting a vivid picture of why you want this job and how it’s the logical next step in your career path.   

You’re Coming Off As Negative. 

This can take two forms. First, you may appear overly critical of your past employer. Remember, when you’re asked, “Why did you leave?”, keep it short and sweet.  

The other type of negativity that could be off-putting is unintentional criticism of your prospective employer. Be careful that, in your excitement about the positive change you could bring to an organization, you don’t end up listing everything that’s wrong with the company and telling how you’ll fix it.  

Want More Help Finding a Job? 

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