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5 More Interview Killers to Avoid

A topic that keeps coming up in this blog is positive steps you can take before and during a job interview to help seal the deal. This time around, we’d like to share some things to avoid in an interview. Don’t commit any of these blunders, or you may kill your chances of getting the job. 

A Bad Handshake 

We’ll start off with something that may seem petty. A handshake that’s too weak or too aggressive could make a bad first impression. If this seems harsh, consider that 93 percent of the communication that takes place in an interview is nonverbal, according to psychologist Albert Mehrabian. Aim for a grip that’s firm, but not crushing. 

Too Little Eye Contact – Or Too Much 

While we’re talking about nonverbal communication, let’s take a look at eye contact. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and it’s important to neither close all the blinds or throw them wide open. In other words, make enough eye contact with your interviewer to show you’re engaged in the conversation, but not so much that the interviewer fees like you’re staring them down

Talking Too Much 

It’s understandable if you’re nervous going into an interview, and one of the symptoms of those nerves can be rambling in your answers. Try to avoid this, as it can make you appear unsure of yourself or unable to complete a thought succinctly. Take a breath after every question and answer in a concise manner.

Asking About Vacation 

A general rule of thumb is that it’s a bad idea to ask about time off the job before you’re even on the job. Along the same lines, avoid asking about your salary on the first interview. There will be an opportunity for you to get compensation details once you make the short list for the position. 

Acting Too Familiar 

Regardless of how well you and the interviewer hit it off, don’t be too casual, chummy or jokey during the interview. Keep the vibe professional. And whatever you do, don’t swear or make off-color remarks. 

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