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4 Reasons a 4-Day Work Week Could Be Right for Your Company

In the last five years, a perfect storm of events has made it more challenging for employers to attract and keep top-notch talent. One example of how companies have adjusted their hiring practices to cope is how remote work started as a necessity and has become a selling point. So, what’s The Next Big Thing in recruiting and retention? It could be the four-day work week. Here are a few reasons this model could be right for you.  

  • It Can Level the Playing Field for Employers 

Some companies have a seemingly endless supply of resources to draw from when it comes to offering candidates perks. Signing bonuses and other incentives can sweeten the pot, but not every company can afford to throw a lot of money into an enticing compensation package. Offering employees a four-day work week is a relatively low-cost way of making your opportunity more attractive.  

  • It Can Help Reduce Burnout

Employee turnover is always a concern, particularly in jobs that are physically and mentally exhausting. But it’s amazing the change compressing the same amount of work week hours from five to four days can make in your employees’ outlook. And a study of the four-day week in New Zealand showed it didn’t decrease productivity. More importantly, the percentage of employees who said they were happy with their work-life balance increased from 54% with a standard work week to 78% in employees who worked four days a week.  

  • It Forces You to Get the Most Out of Meetings 

One of the most common complaints employees have is the number of meetings they have to attend each week – and the drop-off in productivity unproductive meetings can cause. But when you face a narrower scheduling window for meetings, you’re forced to rethink both the number and content of your meetings. Such is the power of a four-day work week.  

  • It Saves Money

From a purely logistic perspective, shrinking your work week from five days to four can do a lot to bolster your bottom line. Not only do your utility costs go down, but both you and your employees could experience a decrease in other expenses from the cost of commuting to the price you pay for lunch. Everyone wins.  

Look to a Staffing Leader in Your Industry

No matter what work week model you use, Mega Force can help you with your staffing needs. We work with employers in Rockingham and throughout North Carolina in their search for qualified candidates. Start here to learn more about what we can do for you. 



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