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Six Ways to Keep Office Gossip from Harming Your Business

We’ve posted before about how important morale is when it comes to keeping your business running smoothly and productively. One of the most important drivers of morale is your company culture, and a key element of a positive culture is respect. A respectful company culture is one in which employees demonstrate consideration and courtesy for others while treating each other with dignity.

Unfortunately, workplace gossip is a quick way to torpedo morale. While some may think of it as little more than idle chatter, the truth is that gossip can rob employees of their dignity and damage relationships among coworkers. Fortunately, managers aren’t powerless against gossip. Here are six ways you can stop it before it has a chance to poison your company morale.

1.      Lead By Example

Like many factors impacting company culture, respect comes from the top. Make sure that your actions and communication model consideration and courtesy. Speak positively about your employees and avoid discussions of their personal lives.

2.      Nurture an Inclusive Environment

Many think inclusion just involves hiring employees from diverse cultures and backgrounds, but it should also be a value your company upholds daily. When meeting with your colleagues, be open-minded and treat everyone with care and respect. Your employees will not only feel more welcome, they’ll also be inclined to make their coworkers feel that way, too.

3.      Address Gossip Promptly

Work to address hurtful gossip sooner rather than later. Get your HR department involved quickly to minimize the damage.

4.      Encourage Positive Communication

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as positive gossip. Instead of spreading sordid details about employees’ private lives, encourage employees to talk about the good things their colleagues are doing to help customers and grow the business. This is another area in which you can lead by example.

5.      Show Empathetic Consideration

If you learn someone has been the victim of malicious gossip, put yourself in their shoes and consider the feelings they’re now contending with. Counter these negative feelings with genuine concern and praise.

6.      Observe and Assess

Keep your eyes and ears open for negative employee interactions. If you see them happening, determine whether the talk is office gossip or if it rises to the level of discrimination. Your findings will dictate the swiftness and seriousness of your response.

Stopping gossip in its tracks is a key part of maintaining company morale. Another is making sure the employees you hire have respect in their DNA. Mega Force is dedicated to helping businesses in Fayetteville and throughout North Carolina meet their staffing needs with quality candidates that fit your culture. Start here to find out how we can help you.


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