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Four Factors Driving Employee Morale

Most employers are keenly aware of the critical nature of employee engagement – a measure of the emotional commitment workers have to their jobs. When employees are engaged, morale is high and businesses are more successful. According to Smarp, an employee communication and advocacy group, companies with high employee engagement are 22% more profitable. Unfortunately, according to a Gallup poll, only 15% of employees are actively engaged in their company, meaning 85% either view their jobs negatively or do the bare minimum to get by.

To combat this trend, employers must first understand what drives employee morale. lays out four principal factors that contribute toward positive engagement.

Salary and Compensation

It comes as no surprise that employees’ opinion of their jobs is heavily influenced by how much they make. A good salary helps employees to not just survive, but to have the opportunity to reach goals that impact their sense of well-being, like home ownership, travel and healthy relationships. It’s important for employers to regularly benchmark the compensation packages they offer to stay competitive.

Company Culture

Corporate culture has become something of a catchphrase, but what is it, and what makes it good? The Balance Careers defines company culture as “the shared values, attributes, and characteristics of an organization.” Employees want to work for companies that share their vision of what’s important – both in terms of business goals and community citizenship. A good corporate culture relies on good communication of the company’s mission and is willing to accept ideas on how to achieve that mission from any and all employees.

The Opportunity to Grow

Virtually no employee joins a company with the idea of staying in the same role forever. Rather, employees like knowing that there’s a path to advancement in their career. Not only that, but they value the opportunity to learn and grow. That’s why a solid training and development program is critical to maintaining morale and engagement.

Well-Being and Work/Life Balance

More than ever, jobseekers are looking for employers that will help them feel more like a complete person and maintain a good work/life balance. As an employer, you can contribute to this balance with flexible scheduling that lets employees be present for their life’s most important moments. You can also increase their sense of well-being by offering work programs that promote wellness, nutrition and fitness.

Once you understand what drives employee morale, you can invest in building it. That will boost your retention, increase employee engagement and strengthen your business.

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