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Don’t Let These 4 Management Mistakes Slow Your Growth

We frequently post positive tips for improving your recruiting, onboarding, and retention. This time around, we’re focusing on mistakes you may be making that hamper your ability to hire and keep the talent you need. Read on to see if you recognize any of these four unforced errors in your organization.

Dragging Out the Recruiting Process

One of the most frequent complaints job seekers have about hiring processes is they simply take too long. And the problem can start right out of the gate: Research from CareerBuilder shows 60 percent of job seekers who’ve started an application abandoned it because it was taking too long. Streamline your application process to get candidates to the interview stage. And go into the interview stage with a clear idea of what you’re seeking so that you can move from interview to hiring in a timely way. Remember: It’s a job seekers’ market right now, and you have lots of competition for talent.

Getting Employees Stuck in Dead-End Jobs

Good money isn’t the only thing that locks employees into their positions. Most are heavily motivated by the opportunity to progress along a career path. This can be difficult at a company without a lot of employees, but even small businesses can still give employees the sense that they’re moving forward and growing. Help your top performers to visualize what career development means to them, and then give them training and coaching opportunities to actualize their goals.

Letting Employee Engagement Slide

By now, you’re certainly aware that engagement is the key to retention. But a high level of employee engagement doesn’t just happen; it must be nurtured daily. Make sure that you are actively enabling two-way communication. Survey your employees regularly to maximize the factors that keep them coming into work every day, and identify areas that are weighing down job satisfaction and commitment. And don’t just survey your employees – act on the information you gather.

Drowning in Recruiting Administration

How much of your recruiting process is manual? How much time do you spend in mining for talent? And how do you track where your candidates are in the selection progression? If administrative tasks are bogging you down, you could be missing out on great talent. Find ways to automate the process with software specifically designed for recruiting. Even better – outsource some of your recruiting duties. Mega Force is dedicated to helping North Carolina businesses find and hire top-notch talent. We’re the staffing experts, and we want to help you. Start here to learn more.


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