4 Reasons a 4-Day Work Week Could Be Right for Your Company

In the last five years, a perfect storm of events has made it more challenging for employers to attract and keep top-notch talent. One example of how companies have adjusted their hiring practices to cope is how remote work started as a necessity and has become a selling point. So, what’s The Next Big Thing […]

5 Benefits of Using a Temp-to-Hire Model for Your Company

While the COVID-19 threat has shifted from pandemic to endemic, and the rest of life seems to be getting back to normal, employers are still struggling with a labor shortage. If your business is dealing with a talent deficit, you may want to consider a temp-to-hire model. It offers multiple advantages for both your business […]

Tips to Keep Assembly Line Workers Safe

Maintaining a safe and productive work environment is essential for all businesses, but it’s absolutely critical for manufacturers. Nothing is more important than the safety of your team members. Because of that, it’s necessary to keep assembly line equipment dependable and safe. Check out these tips from Mega Force.  Invest in Safety Gear If you want to prioritize […]

Become More Likeable with 5 Easy Behaviors

For some people, it can come as a challenge to maintain your likeability within the workforce. This is especially true for temporary workers and those who frequently move between jobs, as the contingent nature of your career can make it difficult to open up to your co-workers, supervisors and peers in the first place. Obviously […]