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Become More Likeable with 5 Easy Behaviors

For some people, it can come as a challenge to maintain your likeability within the workforce. This is especially true for temporary workers and those who frequently move between jobs, as the contingent nature of your career can make it difficult to open up to your co-workers, supervisors and peers in the first place. Obviously this can be remedied, at least in part, by gaining some stability in your career. For those who are unable to achieve this status, regardless of the reason, there are still some steps you can take in order to increase your likeability in the workplace.

Reach Out and Try to Help Others

Try to make yourself available to help others whenever possible. By offering your assistance when applicable, you’ll be given more opportunities to converse with your peers. Moreover, your managers and supervisors are bound to notice your willingness and desire to help others and transfer your own knowledge when called upon.

Moreover, you can extend your willingness to help others into your personal life as well. Not only does this add more authenticity to your actions, but it can be used to affect real and impactful change throughout your entire personal life. (You also will feel better about yourself!)

Speak When Appropriate

Knowing when to speak and when to hold your tongue can be difficult, but it’s a trait that you must learn in order to be successful in today’s workforce. There are a number of strategies you can apply that can help you gauge whether or not you should express your opinion.

Suffice to say, matters affecting managerial or supervisory staff members should usually be left to the higher-ups. Providing your input here, especially if it hasn’t been solicited, could have serious repercussions. As a new employee, more respect will be gained if you aren’t bringing all of the answers all of the time.

Master the Art of Constructive Feedback

Although this one is especially difficult, mastering the art of construction feedback is a great way to offer your assistance and improve your likeability amongst your peers. When providing feedback to a co-worker, try to rely on your own personal experiences. This ensures a genuine and authentic response every single time. Receiving criticism can be difficult, so provide it in a respectful manner and offer solutions or to help find the solution.

Mind Your Manners

Whatever you do, don’t forget the manners you were taught as a child. Minding your manners in the workplace, although often downplayed, is critical to your overall likeability and success in today’s job market.

Remember to say please and thank you when appropriately, take responsibility for your actions and, if necessary, apologize for any wrongdoings or errors. These gestures, while seemingly simple and irrelevant, really can work wonders for your reputation as a professional.

Try to Pick Up on Others’ Emotions

As with many of the tips and techniques mentioned, the ability to pick up on others’ emotions is a learned skill that can take years to master. You can begin by trying to read the body language of those you interact with, which usually provides a good indicator to their true feelings and emotions. Specific patterns in speech, the use of certain words and even extreme brevity in communications can all serve as telltale signs to one’s inner emotions.

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