Capitalize on These Hiring Trends in 2022

As we enter 2022, many employers are still dealing with the hiring crises that COVID-19 has brought about. But the new year also brings with it new opportunities. Here are five hiring trends that you can take advantage of – provided you get on top of them.  Make the Hiring Experience Seamless Across Platforms  One […]

Ways to Stand out in a Competitive job Market

Being a job seeker in today’s market can be incredibly discouraging, and you need every tool at your disposal to increase your visibility and appeal to potential employers. Mega Force has this advice to follow for standing out and increasing your chances of getting hired. Get relevant work experience – You can stand out from […]

Add This to Your Resume to Make It Pop

We all strive to create a resume that gets noticed. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to simply fill in the necessary details and call it finished. This might actually be causing more harm than anything else, however, as this type of carelessness or lack of motivation will certainly show through on the document itself. Instead, try […]

Searching for a Job on Your Phone? 4 Hacks to Help!

As more consumers are now conducting their business on the go, it’s easy to see why one would use their smartphone to search for a job. Not only is it a useful device in general, it’s also something that most of us carry on a daily basis. As such, it is easy to respond to […]