10 Words You Should Never Say in an Interview

We’ve posted before about things you should never do in an interview. This time around, we’re looking at things you shouldn’t say. These 10 words can hurt your chances of getting hired – if not kill them completely. 1. “Amazing!” This expression is tempting for those who really, really want to sound positive and enthusiastic, […]

Why Can’t I Get Hired?

We recently posted about the frustration of an interview dry spell. But let’s say you’ve had no trouble getting interviews. You’ve done the research on multiple potential employers, you’ve dressed the part, and you’ve crushed several interviews. Unfortunately, all you have to show for it is a string of letters saying, “We’ve decided to go […]

Should I Tell a Prospective Employer I’m Disabled?

Unemployment among members of the workforce who have a disability is a much greater problem than for their abled counterparts. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that only 19.1 percent of the disabled population was employed in 2021. Meanwhile, 63.7 percent of the non-disabled workforce were employed over the same period. Part of the […]

Can I List My Hobbies On My Resume?

Back when resumé templates were in their infancy, “Hobbies and Interests” was a common heading. Over time, though, conventional wisdom has evolved to the point where listing hobbies has almost become frowned upon. The reasoning is that you only have so much space and time to get a hirer’s attention, and that should be devoted […]

Thinking About Becoming a Warehouse Manager?

Staffing agencies like Mega Force work to connect potential employees with managers needing talent. But perhaps you find yourself at an interesting crossroads: Let’s say you’re a skilled warehouse worker in Fayetteville with years of valuable experience to offer a company. But you’re ready to put those tools to use in a managerial role. What specific skills do you need to make the jump into management?   Zippia compiled a list of […]

3 Strategies To Recover From a Bad Interview

Nearly all of us have experienced a bad interview at one point or another. Whether you were tripped up due to anxiety or nervousness or even if you just didn’t coalesce with the interviewer, there’s no reason to dwell on it – these things happen. Instead, try to recover as quickly as possible so that […]