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Can I List My Hobbies On My Resume?

Back when resumé templates were in their infancy, “Hobbies and Interests” was a common heading. Over time, though, conventional wisdom has evolved to the point where listing hobbies has almost become frowned upon. The reasoning is that you only have so much space and time to get a hirer’s attention, and that should be devoted to more substantial topics like experience and skills.  

But sometimes, including a hobby can make you more attractive as a candidate. Here’s the catch – the hobbies you list should demonstrate skills that can transfer to your performance on the job. Here are just five examples. 

Extreme Sports

If you’re wondering how BMX racing or skydiving could look good on your resumé, consider that participation in these sports highlights two highly desirable traits: the ability to take calculated risks and the dedication to the training and preparation takes to make those risks pay off without injury. 

Playing an Instrument 

Musical performance requires an immense amount of discipline (think about the hours of practice involved) and the desire to take on more and more challenging compositions. It also requires passion, and if you can bring that level of passion to your job, it can’t help but benefit the company. 


The willingness to devote your free time to serving others makes for a good impression. Strong companies have as part of their mission improving their community, and they’re more likely to hire candidates who have the same level of commitment. 


Having a green thumb shows the willingness to roll up your sleeves and do some hard work and shows a concern for the environment, which could be a draw for a company that prioritizes “green” initiatives. 

Blogging or Podcasting 

For positions that require strong communication, referencing your blog or podcast in a resumé could give you a chance to show off those skills. Just make sure that your product shows care and a commitment to quality. 

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