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Thinking About Becoming a Warehouse Manager?

Staffing agencies like Mega Force work to connect potential employees with managers needing talent. But perhaps you find yourself at an interesting crossroads: Let’s say you’re a skilled warehouse worker in Fayetteville with years of valuable experience to offer a company. But you’re ready to put those tools to use in a managerial role. What specific skills do you need to make the jump into management?  

Zippia compiled a list of the most common skills found on warehouse managers’ resumes. If you have these five abilities, you could be in a great position to take the next step toward management. 

  • Customer Service 

The old saying goes, “The customer is always right.” While that isn’t necessarily true, it reflects how critical customers are to business. Without customers, there is no business. That’s why customer service experience and a service-oriented mindset are critical for prospective warehouse managers.  

  • Warehouse Operations 

While customer service skills are vital for managers of all varieties, a warehouse manager needs to be specifically focused on warehouse operations. And more to the point, warehouse managers need to be knowledgeable about every aspect of the operation – from acquiring materials for sale to efficient inventory storage to cost-efficient, reliable shipping. 

  • Safety Rules and Procedures 

Warehouses can be dangerous places. And working in an environment that requires moving tons of products around with heavy machinery calls for a commitment to safety. If you want to be a warehouse manager, you’ll need to demonstrate a history of not only following safety procedures to the letter in your own work, but also an aptitude for developing and improving those procedures. 

  • Logistics 

Knowing about warehouse operations is one thing. Managing the logistics of a warehouse is another. Logistics is all about putting workflows in place that make the process of acquiring, storing, and shipping goods as efficiently as possible. If you’re good at both grasping the big picture and nuts-and-bolts details, you have a good foundation for logistics. 

  • Leadership 

Though this trait isn’t specifically mentioned on Zippia’s list, it comes with the territory for anyone wanting to be a manager. We could write a whole post on what makes a manager a good leader, but the bottom line is that employers want managers who know how to get the most out of their teams by offering reinforcement, promoting good communication and helping the teams deal with pressure. 

Mega Force Can Help You Make the Move to Management 

If you’re ready to look for the right management opportunity, Mega Force can help. We match job seekers throughout North Carolina with employers who are eager for new talent. Get started here. 



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