Interview Attire Mistakes To Avoid

Most job seekers spend a lot of time obsessing over their job interview attire – and for a good reason. The proper wardrobe can make or break an otherwise successful interview, so you must be up-to-date with the current styles and trends. In a casual business interview, for example, the preferred dress is tailored khakis […]

3 Deal Breakers to Watch Out for in Interviews

Everyone knows job interviews can be high-pressure situations that often force people to make mistakes. Many hiring managers and employment agencies are used to giving job applicants a little leeway to correct some of the things they say that don’t sound quite right. However, there are some things candidates can say in an interview that […]

How Much Does a Bad Hire Cost?!

Employers of today are known to go to great lengths in order to ensure the potential of their new recruits. Despite these efforts, bad hires are still commonplace in many industries. In fact, a recent CareerBuilder survey tapped more than 6,000 hiring managers and professionals around the globe in order to collect recent and pertinent […]

Nail Your Next Phone Interview

While there was a time when phone interviews were nearly unheard of, the ever-evolving and expanding job climate throughout the United States has ushered in a large increase of telephone-based job interviews. Some phone interviews may serve only as an introductory consultation, while others may be used to make a final determination regarding your future […]

Production Managers: What To Feature in a Resume When Applying For Jobs

While some people rely on generic resumes and document templates when applying to jobs, the most successful job seekers employ a highly customized resume that caters to their individual skills, strengths and achievements. Production managers, for example, will want to focus on their abilities related to production, team leadership and interpersonal communications, amongst others, in […]