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3 Deal Breakers to Watch Out for in Interviews

Everyone knows job interviews can be high-pressure situations that often force people to make mistakes. Many hiring managers and employment agencies are used to giving job applicants a little leeway to correct some of the things they say that don’t sound quite right.

However, there are some things candidates can say in an interview that just can’t be taken back. These should tell you everything you need to know about how well (or how poorly) they might fit into the role and your organization. Below are three classic deal breakers to watch out for when interviewing job candidates.

1. Bad-mouthing a Previous Employer

Will it ever be acceptable to criticize a former employer? Anyone can do it in private, sure, but when it comes to job interviews, any candidate that badmouths an old employer should raise red flags. Let’s face it, there are some bad employers out there, but bad-mouthing an old company or boss in a job interview says a lot about a person’s professionalism (or lack thereof).

If you press a candidate for specific details about their feelings towards an old employer, don’t hold it against them if they want to be candid but respectful with you. After all, honesty is a character trait that’s still important in employees.

2. Long-term Goals That Don’t Include the Role They’re Applying For

Although it’s often said the days of the ‘company man’ are over, loyalty is still an important character trait to have in a potential employee.

Sure, many job searchers have specific goals for their careers (this is especially true for millennials), and sometimes they might not necessarily involve your organization. But even good employees know that as much as they want to achieve their career goals, it’s also important to be fair to their potential new employer.

Therefore, you want someone who isn’t just shopping around, but is serious about working in your organization for more than just a few months.

3. They’d Rather Work Alone Than With a Team

If your organization relies on multiple teams to function on a daily basis, you naturally want to hire people with experience working in teams, or at the very least, a strong willingness to be part of one.

Sure, some people thrive when they’re doing their own thing, but team players are usually more willing to cooperate and listen for the greater good of your company.

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