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Industrial Job Trends For The Carolinas

The Carolinas, a geographic region that makes up both North Carolina and South Carolina, currently boasts a combined population of more than 14 million residents. While there are a number of landmark industries that have been regular staples to the economy through the Carolinas, some of the region’s most dependable and dedicated employers are now giving way to 21st century trends and an ever-evolving job market within the area.

South Carolina

According to the South Carolina Department of Commerce, industrial occupations, including traditional jobs in transportation, warehousing public utilities, manufacturing and construction, combine to make up nearly 20% of all jobs within the state. However, South Carolina is home to some of the most successful enterprises in some certain sectors, including automotive, aerospace and information technology. South Carolina also has a budding recycling industry as of late, which currently employees almost 40,000 people throughout the entire state.

The aerospace industry currently boasts one of the most optimistic market overviews of current employment opportunities within South Carolina. With The Boeing Company establishing its final assembly and delivery plant in the region in 2009, as well as further developments and additions, it’s safe to say that the aerospace sector is here to stay. Other popular companies operating in the aerospace sector throughout South Carolina include B/E Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, GE Aviation, Boxell Aerospace and more.

Another thriving industry in South Carolina, and one that has withstood the test of time, is the automotive sector. With top companies such as Michelin, Sonoco, BMW, Bridgestone, Lear Corporation, Koyo and more, the niche has plenty of jobs to accommodate trained and experienced employees from all areas of the Carolinas.

North Carolina

North Carolina has seen similar trends regarding new and available jobs within the industrial sector. A state that was once based around textiles, tobacco production and furniture construction has now embraced industries such as aviation, biotechnology, defense, automotive, information technology and even sustainable energy. While these positions require a highly specialized and refined workforce, the benefits of utilizing such industries within the state are enormous.

The current industrial workforce in North Carolina revolves heavily around information technology, public utilities, manufacturing and automotive. While there are a plethora of entry-level jobs are available in these sectors, there is also a lot of room for advancement and career growth with certain organizations.

Those seeking employment in the biotechnology sector, for example, may seek out a position with GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Novartis, Merck & Co., Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies, Merz Pharmaceuticals or even the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Many of these organizations host buildings within Research Triangle Park, though positions in biotechnology can be found throughout Greensboro, Durham, Cary, Holly Springs, Wilmington and more.

Information technology is another industry that has made some enormous leaps and bounds within the state of North Carolina. In fact, North Carolina currently employees over 100,000 full-time workers with companies such as Red Hat, Siemens Energy, Deere-Hitachi, Joystick Labs and more. Given the scale to which consumers and enterprises have embraced technology over the past few decades, there is certainly room for permanent employment within the sector.

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