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Manufacturing Temporary Jobs on the Rise in North Carolina

In the wake of a recovering job market, many states have enjoyed an increase in the number of available jobs. While this includes both permanent and temporary positions, it is the contingent workforce who has seen the largest benefit to date. The state’s latest attempt to restore nearly 350,000 jobs that were lost during the latest recession is in full effect and, by all accounts, highly successful thus far. Using a mix of both temporary and permanent positions, it seems that the state of North Carolina is definitely headed in the right direction when it comes to economic and employment recovery.

An area job analyst, LEAD, also known as the Labor and Economic Analysis Division, investigated the vast amount of growth seen in temporary positions throughout North Carolina since 2009. According to their reports, the largest increases are in the manufacturing sector, including jobs in food manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, and more. Their reports are derived from highly credible industry staffing data, but as described below, the statistics involving temporary employment aren’t exactly straightforward.

Numbers involving specific sectors can easily become confusing and muddled. According to the North American Industry Classification System, or NAICS, specific industries are split into one of two groups: either temporary help services or professional employment organizations. While this has little effect on the actual employees, as workers from either group are still performing the same tasks, temporary workers are technically employed within the employment services industry as opposed to their current, actual line of work.

There is even more good news for residents of Raleigh, NC. According to a recent report from CareerBuilder, the city of Raleigh is expected to see the largest growth of temporary jobs out of all major metro areas in the United States. In fact, the city is projected to see a 43 percent increase in available temporary opportunities between 2013 and 2018. In fact, North Carolina is only one of 18 metropolitan areas that are expected to surpass the forecasted national growth rate of 20 percent.

Apart from manufacturing, CareerBuilder listed several other industries that are expected to see a great deal of growth between 2013 and 2018. Opportunities for licensed practical nurses and vocational nurses, positions in packaging and machine operation, and maintenance roles are expected to increase throughout North Carolina during this time.

LEAD and CareerBuilder aren’t the only organizations who are touting the increasing number of temp jobs in the state. The North Carolina Justice Center itself has reported a steady drop in unemployment rates since early 2013, but they are quick to point out that most of the growth is centered around a few key areas; Charlotte, Central Piedmont and The Triangle region. According to the Justice Center’s recent findings, these regions alone are responsible for 80 percent of North Carolina’s total job growth since 2008. While these figures are not specific to temporary employment in and of itself, temporary opportunities do play a large part in the increased number of available jobs seen in North Carolina as of late.

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