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Why You Need to List Your Temporary Assignment on the Resume

Many jobseekers struggle with the idea of listing their temporary jobs on their resume. While some hold the view that temporary work is considered a lesser form of employment, many of today’s employers are fully aware of the value that can be added to their company by using a contingent workforce. As such, there are actually many benefits to listing all of your past jobs, including full-time and temporary positions, on the same resume.

A Sign of Dedication and Self-Motivation

For starters, workers who have held temporary assignments during times of unsteady employment are able to use such experience to showcase their own levels of dedication and self-motivation. The simple act of seeking out such jobs, especially those that are below your career status or level of expertise, shows any future employers that you are sincerely dedicated and motivated to maintaining employment.

Gaining Initial Experience

In some cases, especially for recent college graduates and those who are new to the workforce, temporary employment provides a means of entering the job market in the first place. Some entry-level jobseekers may even gain valuable experience in their chosen career path through contingent work. In this scenario, temporary jobs should absolutely be listed on a resume. Not only does this highlight your initial experience in the workforce, but it also demonstrates a genuine desire to pursue your career goals over an extended or otherwise long-term basis.

Employers May Be Able to Relate

As mentioned, many employers actively use temporary workers as a means of supplementing their own workforce. With that in mind, a lot of employers will be understanding and accepting of your previous temporary assignments. Moreover, they’ll realize that the temporary nature of such employer is not a fault of yours but rather a characteristic of the opportunity. 

Filling in Employment Gaps

Employers never want to see long gaps in an applicant’s career history, so your past temporary jobs can be used in order to fill any extended holes in your previous experience. Listing temporary work looks much better on a resume than long, unexplained career gaps, and it also gives you the opportunity to detail any auxiliary or complementary skills that you may have learned during such assignments.

Career Versatility

Those who have held various temporary assignments, particularly those in various positions or industries, may have a tendency to develop a skill set that is highly diversified, multifaceted and versatile. With this in mind, it’s important that you describe your past temporary assignments as a means of accounting for your high level of career versatility and diversity.

Refining Communication Skills

At the very least, contingent experience should be looked at as a means of honing and refining one’s communication skills. Not only is there a certain level of communication required between the temporary worker and their temporary employer, but there is also communication between a jobseeker and their individual recruiter. As such, temporary jobs can be listed on your resume as a means of highlighting your prowess in interpersonal communications and teamwork.

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