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Make Onboarding a Priority to Make the Right Impression with New Employees

Although many employers don’t realize it, the onboarding process actually provides an employee with the very first impression of their new workplace. Just as new employees should strive to make the best impression possible on their new peers and managers, employers should also be eager to make a strong first impression. Not only does this show a certain amount of professionalism on your behalf, but it can go a long way in retaining top talent for years to come.

Prepare for Their Arrival

Effective and efficient onboarding actually begins before the new recruit even steps foot into the workplace. Managers can prepare for the arrival of new employees by organizing the necessary paperwork and even establishing company login and email information when necessary. While this may seem like a hassle, especially when dealing with multiple recruits, it’s far more efficient than waiting until the last minute to prepare such items.

You can also prepare individual workstations prior to a new employee’s arrival. By ensuring access to the necessary tools, training materials and safety guidelines, you effectively set them up for success right from the start.

Show New Employees Around and Introduce Them to Teammates

Once the new recruit arrives, it’s time to show them around their new workplace. This also gives you ample opportunity to introduce them to their new peers. In fact, it’s a good idea to introduce new employees to as many of your established staff members as possible. This makes future team-building exercises, employee substitutions and even internal promotions easier to implement.

At the very least, you should always introduce new workers to their day-to-day teammates, managers and supervisors. Not only is this necessary in order to help ease them into their new roles, but it also gives them a number of options to fall back on with any possible questions that may arise.

Maintain Contact Over the First Few Weeks

It’s important to remember that the onboarding process doesn’t come to an end just because the employee has assimilated themselves into the workforce. In fact, proactive managers can steer and guide the development of their newest recruits by maintaining frequent contact over the course of the first days and even weeks of a new employee’s assignment. Apart from giving you the chance to rectify any mistakes, errors or shortcomings, it also gives the new recruit a chance to ask any of their own questions or raise any concerns they may have.

By maintaining an open-door policy and fostering communications with your new workers, you’ll be able to keep a closer eye on individual progress, organizational profitability and internal team building. Moreover, you’ll gain better insight into what it’s actually like to work on the frontlines of your company.

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