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Need a Referral in 2017? Here’s How You Get One

While some job seekers prefer the traditional method of applying to classified ads and undergoing interviews all on their own, others see great benefit in the referral process. After all, receiving a job referral from a trusted peer all but guarantees the reputation and integrity of your potential new employer. Moreover, depending on who is doing the referral, it could very well mean a guaranteed job.

Speak With Your Friends and Family Members

Never underestimate the knowledge and know-how of your immediate friends and family members. As such, this should be the first resource you tap into when prospecting for referrals. The job you’ve been searching for might have been sitting right under your nose this entire time; it just might take a little bit of digging to find it.

Those who have an established career in your chosen industry or area of expertise are the best option, but this isn’t to say that others can’t provide valuable leads, too. In this case, it’s all about who you or your friends and family members know.

Utilize Your Current Professional Resources

Likewise, don’t forget to utilize your current network of professional resources when looking for referrals. Co-workers, peers and even former supervisors or managers are all viable options when trying to find a lead on a new job. Moreover, simply stating your interest might be enough to keep your name on the top of their lists should any future opportunities arise.

Engage in Online Networking

You’ll also want to take full advantage of the numerous online resources that are available to job seekers. Internet-based classified ads and job portals are a great start, but proactive job seekers also utilize their social media profiles in order to maximize their exposure.

While this does involve some amount of time, patience and interpersonal skills on your behalf, the effort is a great way to generate some real referrals from your online network. Some sites even specialize solely in professional networking, thereby ensuring the validity of any leads or referrals.

Join Relevant Communities

Communities, both online and offline, can serve as great resources for job seekers who depend on referrals to maintain steady employment. The key here is to stick with communities and networks that pertain to your specific area of expertise or interests, as these are the ones where you’re likely to experience the best results.

Landing a Referral in Time for the New Year

With the new year quickly approaching, professionals from every corner of the manufacturing industry are racing to nail down referrals and opportunities before the dawn of 2017. While it’s not too late to come up with a lead before the calendar turns, the days are certainly numbered.

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