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3 Ways to Set Up a Rideshare Program for Your Employees

Employers who embrace the idea of the rideshare program are setting themselves up in a win-win situation. Not only will the program benefit your company in the way of lower employee turnover, greater team morale and increased productivity, but your staff members will benefit from reduced fuel expenses and, in some cases, lower insurance premiums.

Perhaps the best part of all, however, is that your employees will never miss work due to the inability to find a ride. As such, we’ll take a look at some of the easiest and most straightforward ways you can go about setting up a rideshare program for your employees.

Take Advantage of Carpool Incentive Programs

According to the official definition, a carpool consists of two or more people who are commuting to work in a private vehicle. With this in mind, carpool incentive programs have been used for decades as a way for employers to increase the desirability of carpooling on a daily basis.

Per the Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Department of Transportation, both of whom maintain a National Standard of Excellence regarding employer-sponsored carpool incentive programs, companies need to provide specific benefits.

Apart from an emergency ride home program and easy access to information regarding any carpool programs, employers must offer one specific incentive as described by the EPA and DOT. Possible incentives include preferred parking for carpool vehicles, real-time traffic information, pre-tax benefits, increased vacation time, work-from-home opportunities and more.

Provide Company Vehicles for Rideshare Participants

Now that you’ve advertised, promoted and established a rideshare program at your company, it’s time to reward those who participate. There are a number of incentives that can be used, ranging from the distribution of fuel vouchers to paid lunches and anything in between. However, many companies have found success by providing a company vehicle for use by rideshare participants.

Furnishing a company vehicle has numerous benefits of its own. Apart from reducing or eliminating vehicle maintenance and fuel costs for your employees, you’ll also see decreased absenteeism and late arrivals on a day-to-day basis.

Work With a Third-Party

For some companies, especially small and new startup businesses, the added work of building and promoting a rideshare program is simply too much of a burden. In this case, you consider reaching out to a third-party agency in order to organize and run the program on your behalf.

Not only does this provide you with a dedicated rideshare program without having to deal with the nuances on your own, but it can also help build connections between you and the businesses within the surrounding communities.

Utilizing All of the Available Resources

As you can see, a dedicated rideshare program can bring a lot to a company. However, when used in tandem with other services in and around the community, such as the staffing expertise of Mega Force, the results can lead to even more success than you ever imagined.

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