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How to Recruit Millennials to Manufacturing in 2017

Let’s face it: the millennial generation carries a set of values that differs from the traditional mindset of older workers. As such, it can be difficult for companies in the manufacturing industry to attract the interest of younger workers. Despite the inherent challenge, the millennial generation is a highly intelligent, skillful and valuable niche of individuals who can be of great benefit when approached through their preferred angles and avenues.

Maintain Your Social Media Presence

The first thing to keep in mind when working with millennials is they crave connectivity, convenience and instant gratification. With that in mind, it’s critical you maintain your social media presence. While this may require the onboarding of an online community moderator or marketer, many companies believe the reward is well worth the additional expense.

Achieve Online Brand Continuity

It’s also important to achieve and maintain online brand continuity. Portray your internet presence with the same amount of consistency you’d expect among your offline products or services. It’s important to hire a designer who is flexible, adaptable and creative.

Some companies simply add the responsibilities of online brand continuity and community management to their current staff. While this is a great way of keeping your overhead costs at a minimum, take caution not to assign too much extra work. Piling on new or unexpected assignments is bound to drive millennial workers in the other direction.

Create Awareness of Relevant Holidays

Making such events known to the workplace is rather simple and straightforward, but some choose to generate interest throughout the local community.

National Manufacturing Day, for example, takes place on the first Friday in October. A highly publicized celebration that includes events and gatherings throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, festivities such as this can be used to build a stronger sense of community and promote your own business at the same time.

Partner With Local Schools

Forging new partnerships with local schools and other academic institutions is another way to give back to the community while simultaneously increasing the visibility of your company. Many districts already have partnership programs in place which you can join, but don’t be afraid to reach out to a local school and try to break ground on a brand new venture. Apart from generating increased interest and exposure on your own behalf, this sort of co-op can work wonders when building community networks and relationships.

Retaining Millennials Over the Long Term

The process of recruiting millennials to the manufacturing industry is only half the battle. Once there, it’s important you are able to retain employees over the course of time. Failure to do so will result in greater employee turnover, decreased morale within the workplace and in the worst case scenario, the closure of your business.

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