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What Must You Include on Your Cover Letter for a Management Position?

Managerial resumes can be difficult to write. While we’ve all spent copious amounts of time developing and refining the perfect entry-level document, very few of us have enough foresight to invest the same amount of time into crafting a resume for a position in management. However, depending on your drive, motivation and skill, you may find the need for such a resume arises sooner than you expected.

Use Data-Driven Content to Illustrate Your Impact

Generally speaking, entry-level documents describe menial tasks that offer no real value other than real-world job experience. Managerial-level resumes, on the other hand, need to show a professional profile that is consistent, dependable and impactful.

To achieve this, make sure to use actual data whenever possible. Instead of making vague or open-ended statements, for example, try to interject verifiable figures or hard statistics wherever applicable. Describing your goals with relatable numbers or facts is a great way to maintain a sense of brevity while still providing insight into your professional achievements.

Demonstrate Your Ability to Succeed as Part of a Team

It’s critical that managers are comfortable working as part of a team. Directing and leading aside, a true manager knows how to work with their employees in order to meet deadlines, fulfill obligations or even just pick up the slack when needed. It’s qualities like this that will result in a successful leader.

Show Your Ability to Relate to Others

You’ll also want to show the fact that you are an amiable, personal and approachable individual. Remember, managers are often called upon to troubleshoot complex problems, resolve ongoing issues and provide general mentorship. Showing off such traits on a managerial resume is a surefire way to gain an edge over some of the other applicants.

State Your Professional Philosophy

Best included at the very start of a managerial resume or within the accompanying cover letter, this gives any potential employers a clear picture of your morale, motivation and goals. Moreover, it will be used to determine whether or not you are a right fit for the company’s current corporate culture to begin with.

Add References in the Form of Quotes From Past Co-Workers

For many, listing personal or professional references at the end of a resume simply isn’t as effective as it used to be. However, you can add some life into your references by placing them alongside relevant quotes from past co-workers, supervisors or partners. Apart from providing your potential employers with verifiable references, this can also give them further insight into your personality, demeanor and general disposition.

Building the Perfect Managerial Resume

Unfortunately there isn’t one sure method of writing the perfect managerial resume. As with nearly anything else in life, it’s a process that usually requires a bit of time, patience and maybe even some trial and error. However daunting the task may be, it’s a critical step if you want to take your career to the next level and land a job in management.

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