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3 Areas You Must Highlight on Your Financial Job Resume

Writing a resume that caters specifically to the finance industry is a tricky process. Apart from showing skills that are relevant and helpful to the role you’re seeking, interviewers and hiring managers want to see actual results. Some exceptions can be made, especially for those who are new to the profession, but those who want to maximize their resume’s appeal need to draw attention to their achievements as much as possible.

Your Relevant Skills

New job seekers have a habit of listing every single skill and every last activity they’ve ever done in a professional capacity. While this might be fine for an entry-level employee, those who are targeting jobs in the finance sector require a resume that is tailored to the profession.

Your educational background should always be listed, whether it adds to your financial background or not. Other helpful qualities include interpersonal skills, the ability to analyze information, strong communications, reporting and firsthand knowledge of standard software. Experience in management or supervision is helpful in most roles, but typically not required for the average finance job.

Data, Facts, and Statistics

Although still in its infancy, big data is making its way into every aspect of our lives. Consumers crave verifiable facts, statistics and performance benchmarks, and interviewers are no exception. With that in mind, you should highlight any data, statistical achievements or factual accomplishments that are relevant to your career.

This helps your resume in several ways. First, it provides the reader with a quick example of how you made an impact in your past roles. Your figures can also be compared and contrasted against any quotas or expectations of the company you’re applying to. If it’s a match, you’ll likely be well on your way to a brand new job.

Familiarity with Technology

As mentioned earlier, it’s extremely helpful to display a basic level of familiarity with technology. Demonstrating knowledge of basic industry software, such as Microsoft Office Suite and SAP, is important to nearly every role in finance. Some positions may require advanced knowledge of these programs or others such as Sage, Quicken or QuickBooks.

Even if you’re not familiar with these programs, it’s important to show your ability and willingness to learn. The act of creating and writing your own resume is a good start, but it’s critical to show any experience in software that is specifically meant for controlling and overseeing business finances, operational expenses or corporate accounting.

Letting Your Resume Speak For Itself

A great resume is able to speak for itself. When targeting jobs in finance, this means providing clear and concise details on your past achievements, defining your career goals and stressing your ability to embrace technology. Once you’ve tackled these obstacles, the actual process of writing your resume takes on a highly simplified and approachable fill-in-the-blanks style.

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