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Quotable Values – Yes, They Make an Impact

Maintaining a strong corporate culture is critical to the success of any company in the 21st century. There are a variety of methods to accomplish this, but it ultimately comes down to your mission statement. Memorable, quotable values are much easier to follow and enforce – and you’ll certainly notice the impact.

When everyone in the company – from the newest employee to the most veteran staff members – is familiar with your company values, it really shows. But the phenomenon isn’t just internal to the immediate workforce. The effects of a strong mission statement – when left brief and concise – resonate throughout the surrounding community, too.

Corporate Culture in the Hiring Process

The act of introducing an employee to your corporate culture ultimately begins during the initial recruitment, interviewing and hiring phases. As such, it’s important your hiring managers, recruiters and HR personnel emphasize your company’s mission statement and core values at all times.

Use the Employee Handbook

It’s one thing for new recruits to hear about the handbook from their hiring managers or interviewers, but it’s a completely different matter when they read it afterward.

You might even consider quizzing new employees on the fundamentals of your corporate culture. Not only does it ensure their attitude and morale is in sync with your work environment, it also lets you know they’re reading and retaining the information you’re providing.

Hang Bulletins and Posters

Bulletins and posters – when placed strategically around the workplace – are great when it comes to boosting morale, increasing safety and reminding employees of your corporate culture. Signs are the ideal place for short one-liners and memorable quotes, which often have a much stronger impact than monotonous training or boring, long-winded phrases.

Inject some creativity into the workplace by inviting employees to make their own signs, bulletins and posters. Not only does this give them a strong sense of involvement, it also lets them highlight values and quotes that are most impactful in their lives.

Lead by Example

Finally, try to drive home your company’s values by direct participation and hands-on leadership. While this isn’t always possible, especially in some executive roles, the best leaders are known for setting a positive example throughout the workplace and the local community.

Let Mega Force Help Establish Strong Values for Your Business

Fully understanding a business’ needs – both short and long term – is the key to establishing strong, realistic values and goals. Not only can Mega Force help you fulfill your North Carolina staffing needs, we can help steer your decision-making process and shape the future of your company for the better. Contact us today!


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