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4 Ways to Make Safety a Priority Year Round

Although June is officially National Safety Month, employers and employees alike should be focused on safety all year round. In fact, the National Safety Council and those responsible for organizing National Safety Month provide a long list of steps you can take to maintain the focus on safety during every month of the year.

Create newsletters, blogs, and social media

Above all else, you need to make sure your employees are informed. Not only should they be familiar with National Safety Month, but they should be able to identify the hazards in their workplace and know how to avoid them. Such information can easily be provided through regular newsletters, online blogs, and even social media posts.

Hosting safety-themed trivia events

If necessary, turn the topic of safety into a rewarding game. This is a fun and creative way to give your workers a short break from their day-to-day responsibilities while still giving them the opportunity to sharpen their safety knowledge. Not only will this result in a safer workplace, but it also gives your employees a new way to connect with one another and exchange their own ideas.

Encourage them to watch for hazards in their personal lives, too

Hazard recognition and identification isn’t solely for the jobsite. Teaching your employees how to spot potential dangers while they’re driving or out in public can go a long way in ensuring their long-term health and well-being both on and off the job.

Provide safety training

Finally, don’t hesitate to host your own safety training at the job site. This is a great way to ensure that everyone is familiar with the rules, that they’re aware of any onsite hazards, and that they know how to respond during an emergency.

Emphasizing Safety with the Help of Mega Force

The professionals at Mega Force always make safety our top priority. Not only do we provide skills training and orientation for certain roles, but we perform comprehensive background checks and verifications to ensure the health of all of our recruits. To find out more information, or to get started recruiting top talent in your industry right away, contact the professionals at Mega Force to work with a top staffing agency in North Carolina!

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