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Your Friend Offers You a Job – Now What?

Many jobseekers actively pursue leads from friends and family members. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – especially if it leads to a genuine and legitimate job opportunity. But what happens when a friend offers you a job in a warehouse or industrial setting? Should you accept the offer or continue your search?

Answering The Job Offer From Your Friend

The answer really depends on the scenario. For example, family members and friends sometimes set their peers up for interviews and orientations without even asking. If the job is in a warehouse or industrial setting, you might consider attending. It really won’t hurt anything – even if you don’t plan on accepting the offer.

In another scenario, a good friend might offer you a role at their new startup. This is a touchy situation, as you want to help your friend as much as possible and avoid hurting their feelings. On the other hand, however, many friendships have been ruined when one takes a supervisory position over the other. If you feel this might be the case, it’s best to turn down their offer and continue your job search elsewhere.

Friends often share job offers and opportunities through social media, too. You should be extra wary of these posts, as many online jobs are really scams in disguise. There are some genuine opportunities though, which can be verified through online searches, social media profiles, and even by contacting a company directly.

In some scenarios, employers actively encourage their employees to recruit new talent for them. These are generally great opportunities for a number of reasons. First, your friend won’t be your direct manager or supervisor – which eases some of the stress and burden that often accompanies workplace friendships. Additionally, you’ll have a good chance of landing the job if you have a direct referral from the inside.

Finding a Job With Mega Force

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