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What Benefits Matter to Employees in 2019?

While employers have been offering standard benefits packages for years, today’s workers have an entirely different set of values than past generations. As a result, the current workforce puts more of an emphasis on the benefits of a potential job. Fail to provide a competitive benefits package and you’ll likely find it difficult to fill vacant roles or secure long-term talent.

Health Care

Today’s workforce wants access to health care – especially in the manufacturing industry. With exposure to so many hazards over the course of time, factory and warehouse workers want assurance that their healthcare costs will be covered if needed.

Flexible Vacation Time

Employees also want to enjoy their vacations – and they want to do it at a time that’s best for them. If possible, try to avoid any stipulations or restrictions on employee vacations. Not only will they appreciate the added freedom and flexibility, but they’re more likely to remain dedicated to an employer that has their best interests in mind.

Student Loan Assistance

Many of today’s workers are recent college graduates who are overwhelmed by their student loan obligations. As a result, more companies are starting to offer tuition assistance and student loan reimbursement programs. In some cases, companies have been known to cover the entire cost of college for their employees.

Monetary Compensation

Finally, the modern workforce wants to receive fair and competitive wages. Bonuses and benefits are great, but skilled workers need the security of a weekly paycheck. They also deserve to know exactly how much they’re making on an hourly (or salaried) basis and how much is being deducted for taxes and other expenses. Making this information clear from the start is the key to building a happy and productive workforce in the 21st century.

Maximizing Your Benefits Package With the Help of Mega Force

All of our recruits – including temporary employees – have access to medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, short-term disability, and weekly paychecks. We even have a 401(k) retirement plan as well as bonuses for employee retention and referral. For more information, or to get started as soon as possible, contact the professionals at Mega Force today!


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