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Tips for Recruiting Passive Candidates

In an increasingly competitive job market, recruiters need to be increasingly creative in their prospecting. Fortunately, there’s an emerging talent pool to draw on: passive candidates.

Of course, trying to pull a potential applicant away from their current position when they’re not even looking for a job is challenging. But there are some tricks you can use to cast a wider net, let’s take a closer look.

Become a Speaker

Job fairs and other industry events are standbys for both job seekers and recruiters, but they also attract passive professionals. Maximize the benefit of your participation by being more of an active participant than just an attendee. Speaking at these events enhances your company’s image and could help turn a passive candidate into an active one.

Start a Blog

Writing a blog can build your company’s reputation as a thought leader. Having posts shared via social media and online communities within your industry is a great way to reach out to passive job seekers.

Pump up your Press Release Production

Promote advancements, awards and anniversaries through local news outlets. Not only does it get your company more attention, it shows that you value your employees and celebrate their professional milestones.

Create a Monthly Newsletter

A newsletter can add a valuable touchpoint with your community. Include articles that include industry news to promote your company as a thought leader, and include links to current openings. You might even feature a particular “job of the month” to increase interest.

Follow up With Former Applicants

Renew contact with candidates you’ve worked with or placed in the past. They may be considering a move, and hearing from you may nudge them into active job-seeking – and put your company at the top of their target list.

Turn Employees into Recruiters

Tell current employees about referral programs, and let them know their help attracting new team members strengthens the company – and can put money in their pockets.

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