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Keep Cool and Classy for Summer Interviews

Job seeking during the summer presents some unique challenges. You want to dress for the job you want, whether it’s a place on the assembly line or an office position. But you also want to be cool and comfortable so you can concentrate on the interview questions instead of being distracted by how much you’re sweating. Here are some tips for balancing comfort and professionalism from Mega Force.

Female Interview Attire  

  • A pair of nice khakis or dress pants and a blouse is a good place to start. Dresses and skirts are also appropriate, provided they are knee-length. Make sure your outfit doesn’t have wrinkles, rips, or holes.  
  • A word about blouses: You can wear a sleeveless blouse, but spaghetti straps or tops that show your bra straps are never a good choice. Also, stay away from tight or low-cut blouses, save those for a night club. If you wear a sheer or nearly sheer blouse, you must always wear a camisole underneath it. 
  • Keep accessories in moderation: Limit your perfume and jewelry. Makeup should be modest, with no bold eyeshadows or lipstick colors. Remember, this is an interview, not a dance recital. 
  • Wear closed-toe shoes (other than sneakers). Heels are fine if they aren’t too high.  

Male Interview Attire  

  • You don’t have to wear a tie to a job interview but dress professionally. A nice button-down shirt, khakis, and a belt are appropriate, as is a collared polo shirt.  
  • Make sure your pants and shirt are stain and wrinkle-free, and that your shirt is tucked into your pants. Avoid pants and shirts that aren’t too baggy or tight, and check for holes.  
  • Wear dress shoes or boat shoes; avoid sneakers and sandals. Also remember, baseball caps are considered unprofessional.  

What not to Wear to The Interview

On your interview day, avoid these common summer wardrobe items.  

  • Denim  
  • T-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Open-toed shoes or sandals, flip-flops
  • Athletic wear, such as leggings, yoga pants, sports jersey, or sweatshirts  

And whatever you wear, make sure it’s clean and wrinkle-free.  

Now that you’re dressed for success, it’s time to find your perfect opportunity. Mega Force has several offices across North Carolina to best serve your local staffing needs.  Contact our team today or browse our online job search portal 


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