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How to Bounce Back From job Rejection

“We’ve decided to go another direction …”  

This phrase is kryptonite to job seekers. No one likes rejection, but it’s particularly rough to be told “no” by a prospective employer — and it hurts worse the longer you’re out of work.  

Mega Force has several tips for dealing with job-search rejection and restoring a positive attitude.  

Give Yourself an Honest, but Kind, Evaluation

Whether or not you were emotionally invested in a job opportunity, you’ll probably feel upset when you hear it’s not happening. Even worse, you may blame yourself. It’s normal to feel this way about rejection, but that mindset will hinder your ongoing job search if you don’t do some meaningful soul-searching sooner than later.  

Reflect on the application and interview process. Did you find yourself questioning whether you were the right fit? Did it seem like your interviewer was looking for a more experienced candidate? Retrace your steps during the application and interview process and consider if something specific you said or did that hurt your chances. But at the same time, remember some things that are out of your control, and just because you were rejected, you may have done absolutely nothing wrong. Fix what needs to be fixed and move on to the next opportunity.  

Reach out to The Hiring Manager  

Send a thank-you email to everyone involved in the interview process. It’s a thoughtful professional habit, and it leaves the door open for other opportunities with the same employer. Sustaining the conversation a little longer could also provide valuable insight as to why the company went another direction.   

Take a Break  

If a rejection puts you in a bad headspace, don’t hesitate to give yourself a day or two to collect yourself before starting your job search again. It’s understandable to want to get right back in the game, but if your emotions are still raw, another setback might be even more devastating. Better to give yourself a reset, and the break will leave you feeling more motivated than before.  

Don’t Give up!  

That said, don’t let your break turn into an extended stay in the doldrums. No matter how many times you’ve been rejected, remember there are still plenty of jobs out there that could be a perfect fit. Remind yourself rejection and failure aren’t the same thing, and that you can do this!  

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