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6 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Don’t Want to go to Work

Everyone has days when it seems impossible to get out of bed – much less go to work. It can be even harder during a pandemic. Here are six tips for getting going on days like this. 

Put one Foot in Front of The Other  

Taking one step at a time is a good way to get moving when you lack the motivation to work. Chunk out your morning routine and conquer it one chunk at a time. Get out of bed, take your shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and get out the door. Just the simple act of moving can help you break out of your funk and gain momentum.  

Incentivize Yourself 

On your way to work, stop for your favorite coffee, make plans for lunch, or plan something fun for after work. Having things to look forward to reinforces the idea that going to work is preferable to bailing and letting extra work pile up.  

Take on Some Easy Work  

On days you suffer from minimal motivation, knock out some lighter tasks that have been taking up space on your to-do list, like paperwork, picking up supplies, or getting organized. Remember – it’s better to get a lot of little stuff done than throw yourself at a big project you aren’t mentally prepared to tackle. 

Have an Attitude of Gratitude  

Instead of fixating on all the reasons you don’t want to go to work, focus on what is going well in your life. At the risk of sounding too “New Agey,” being grateful leads to optimistic thoughts that, in turn, attract positive energy.  

Help Someone 

Even the smallest gestures of kindness can fire you up. Offering support to a coworker, mentoring a new hire, or giving a compliment when it’s least expected are all ways to brighten someone’s day while motivating yourself in the process.  

Practice Self-care  

You can’t be motivated if you’re on the edge of burning out. A few minutes of deep breathing or meditation can work wonders. Take occasional breaks at work. If possible, get away from your work area office and take a short walk to clear your head. Proper nutrition and rest, along with daily exercise, will prepare your mind and body to be a highly motivated worker. 

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