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How to ask for More Responsibility at Your Job

A standard measure of success in the workplace is getting more and more responsibility. What this looks like varies depending on your work environment, be it an office environment or a factory. And while the path to advancement may be different for every worker, there are certain tips for asking for extra duties that carry across different industries. Keeping in mind that your ultimate motivation should be contributing to your company rather than just getting ahead, here are five things to think about before you talk to your boss.

Think more like a business owner

Thinking like an employee tends to make you passive, waiting for your supervisor to make the first move. Instead, picture yourself as the business owner, planning for your business’s success – and ask yourself what you’d like to be doing to better support the company’s mission.

Be good at what you do

Before you seek more responsibility, make sure you’re the best at what you do now. If you concentrate on being a top performer, others are more likely to take a chance on you for the future.

Look for opportunities that will benefit you and your manager 

When you ask to take on extra responsibilities, be ready to explain how doing so will provide positive results for your manager, your team and your employer.

Write up a business plan 

When you ask for new responsibilities on the job, it’s helpful to map out how any new duties you take on will impact your employer’s business. Will your new responsibilities help the company make or save more money? Will it ease the workload of your co-workers or even your manager? You don’t need to make a formal presentation, but having some talking points ready will make your boss take your request for greater responsibility more seriously.

Have a plan for freeing up your time 

If you’re ready to take on more significant duties, you may need to find a way to hand off some of your low-priority current tasks. Think about ways you could delegate or eliminate some of your workload. Is there a co-worker who could be elevated by taking on some of what you do? Give some careful thought to who could benefit from doing this work, and make a recommendation to your manager.

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