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Making a Good Impression at a new Manufacturing Assignment

You might think stress over making a good first impression at a new job is limited to office work. But it turns out manufacturing and other industrial employees have similar fears.  

A study by 4imprint, an English promotional marketer, asked people working within engineering and manufacturing environments about their first-day disasters. Their experiences included showing up late, wearing the wrong work clothes, and bumping into a co-worker’s car in the parking lot. 

Among those surveyed, 43% of industrial workers have had a terrible first day at a new job. Check out these sad examples of events that made for a nightmarish first day on the job.  

  • Learning someone’s name and immediately forgetting it 
  • Saying something stupid due to nervousness 
  • Arriving at the wrong work address 
  • Wearing shoes that ended up killing their feet by the end of the day 
  • Getting stuck in traffic 
  • Accidentally damaging company property 
  • Having their pants split 

“Starting a new job can be intimidating for a variety of reasons,” said a 4imprint spokesperson. “From not knowing who you’ll be working with, not being 100% sure how to get to your new workplace, and worries over what to wear can make for a nerve-wracking first day. Our study found the importance of what you wear in engineering and manufacturing can make you feel as comfortable as possible on a first day and help create a great first impression.” 

Those surveyed who reported great first days attributed it to being fully prepared and sufficiently knowledgeable about the company. And when it comes to making a good impression, 58% said arriving early works wonders, while 57% said they focused on asking intelligent questions.  

The bottom line? Make sure you’re prepared for your first day. Planning your wardrobe, your route to the worksite and your introduction “speech” will help you feel more prepared and relaxed when the big day arrives. And if you need help getting to that first day on a new job, Mega Force works with top employers with several offices across North Carolina for your convenience.  

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