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Hiring Managers – Get the Most Out of Your First Interview

It’s no secret that the job interview is the most critical part of the recruiting and hiring process. What may surprise you is that the very first phone interview you have with a candidate can be almost as useful as your in-person finalist interviews. Read on for tips on how to transform the first interview from a screen to a tool for identifying top candidates.

1. Use Availability As Your First Filter

Phone screens usually start with the basics, but one question is a great way to start narrowing your field: “How soon can you start?” In sports, it’s said that your availability is as important as your ability. In other words, you can have all the talent in the world, but if you spend more time hurt than on the field, it lowers your value. In a job search, you can prioritize candidates who can start work as soon as you need them.

2. Make Sure You’re on the Same Page When It Comes to Salary

Too often, you’ll encounter a candidate who is perfect for your company, but whose salary expectations are much loftier than you have budgeted for the position. Finding this out up front will help streamline your hiring process.

3. Take Note of the Candidate’s Enthusiasm

It’s reasonable to assume that if someone has applied for a job, they want it. However, candidates’ desire for a given position can range from “I need a job; any job” to “This is the opportunity I’ve been dreaming of.” Bump excited candidates to the top half of your list.

4. Assess the Candidate’s Knowledge of Your Company

We often advise job seekers to research the history and mission of a company they’ve applied with. As a hiring manager, you can start to tell how good of a fit a candidate will be with your organization by noting how much they know about it – including why they’re particularly interested in working for you.

5. Dig Into Resume Details

This portion of the interview is for finding out why the candidate applied, what they see their role being if they are hired, and what experience and skills they bring to the table. Give the candidate ample time to respond, and you’ll be able to fill any blanks left by their resume and cover letter.

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