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Top 10 Signs Your Job Is Wrecking Your Mental Health

There’s no end to the variety of stressors in the world today. While death in the family, divorce and other relationship troubles are perennial problems, more recent maladies like COVID-19, social injustice and international conflicts are also taking their toll.

And then there’s work. Unemployment can be a huge burden, but those with jobs can get weighed down as well. A study by Deloitte found that out of 1,000 respondents, 77% had experienced burnout at their current position. And the American Psychological Association reports that 59% of surveyed workers said they have suffered negative impacts of work-related stress in the past month.

Is your job damaging your mental health? Here are 10 signs to watch for.

1. Sleep Problems

Has your sleep schedule changed? Do you suffer from insomnia? Work stress can cause a lack of sleep quantity and quality.

2. Workplace Anxiety

Employees who are suffering mentally and emotionally because of work may find themselves preoccupied while on the job. Sometimes, it’s performance anxiety; other times, it may be concern over their company’s financial stability.

3. Fear of Being Fired

If your general workplace anxiety sharpens into fear you may lose your job at any moment, your mental health will deteriorate even faster.

4. Irritability

If you’re normally easygoing but have found yourself more likely to snap at your boss, your co-workers or even your customers, your job itself may be the problem.

5. Dreading Work

One of the most debilitating symptoms your mental health may be suffering is waking up dreading going into work. If you regularly start a downward spiral before your feet even hit the floor, you may need some assistance.

6. Lack of Self-Care

If you notice that you’re more frequently too exhausted to follow through on plans for self-care, whether it be yoga, a getaway or a trip to the movies, that’s a red flag. If your neglecting basic nutrition and hygiene, your mental health may be a more urgent concern.

7. Isolation

Not everyone is a social butterfly at work. But if you are avoiding conversation or other basic interaction with co-workers, that can be a warning sign – particularly if the problem is that you don’t trust them.

8. Disengagement

A lack of communication with your team is one sign of mental distress. A lack of interest in your job, period, is another. If you no longer care about your company’s mission, it may be time to consider your options.

9. Physical Exhaustion

What’s the first thing you do when you get home from work? Those suffering from work-related mental illness may be too tired to do anything but eat (if they have that much energy) or sleep.

10. Lack of Self Worth

Whether you feel underappreciated by your employer, or you don’t feel worthy of appreciation, you have a mental health concern that needs addressing.

If you find yourself checking a few of these boxes, you should probably reach out for help sooner rather than later. Consider talking with your supervisor to see if they can offer advice or assistance.

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