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5 Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore at a New Job

Research from LinkedIn shows that 81% of the workforce believes employees should be either very or mostly happy at work. Unfortunately, a majority (60%) of those surveyed have stayed at a job knowing it wasn’t a good fit for them. Remember, you don’t have to stay at a job that isn’t right for you. Here are five signs it may be time to look elsewhere.

1. You’re Getting Paid Under the Table

An informal work arrangement may sound like a good way to avoid annoying paperwork, but the reality is that a company who pays you in cash may not be paying their taxes. Get out of shady situations like this to avoid the possibility of a “hassle-free” opportunity blowing up in your face.

2. You Learn Previous People Holding Your Position Have Left Early

If one of the first things you hear from your new co-workers is “I sure hope you’re here longer than the last guy,” familiarize yourself with the location of the nearest exit.

3. You Still Haven’t Gotten a Clear Answer on How Much You’ll Be Paid

It’s one thing to apply for a job with a wide pay range; it’s another to be hired and on the job without knowing what you’ll make. If your employer talks in vague terms about your “total compensation package” rather than giving you a clear salary table, it’s not a good sign.

4. You Find Out There’s No HR Department

You’d think there’s no way an employee could be interviewed, hired and onboarded without an introduction to the Human Resources team, but some companies have recruiting departments masquerading as HR. Needless to say, payroll and personnel departments are resources you shouldn’t have to live without.

5. You’re Hired the Day You Interview

Sometimes, “love at first sight” is a thing in the workplace. It’s possible for a business to identify you as a perfect fit for a position immediately, but too often, it’s a sign they’re desperate to fill the position. If that’s the case, you may be signing on to work for a company in chaos, and you don’t need that negativity in your life.

What to Do If You Need an Escape Plan

It bears repeating: You are not obligated to stay in a toxic work situation. If you need a fresh start, trust the staffing experts at Mega Force. We work with job seekers in Raeford and throughout North Carolina to find the perfect employment opportunity. Want to learn more? Start here.


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