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Don’t Ask Your Interviewer These 3 Questions

We offer a lot of interview advice on this blog. We’ve even given you some ideas for questions you can ask your interviewer to further demonstrate your interest. This time around, however, we’re presenting three questions you shouldn’t ask during your interview. Avoid these topics to avoid sounding desperate, as that can serve as a red flag to interviewers.

‘What Does This Job Pay?’

We get it – salary is one of your most important priorities when evaluating job opportunities. But a job interview – particularly your first interview with a company – is about introducing yourself and your qualifications. There will be an opportunity for you to get compensation details once you make the short list for the position.

‘What Are Your Benefits?’

Much like the salary question, asking about the benefits that come with a job right out of the gate isn’t a good idea. You’re sure to get complete answers on the complete compensation package later in the interview process when the company is trying to seal the deal. Asking about benefits (or salary) early on may signal the interviewer that you could move to another position the moment you get a better offer.

‘How Soon Can I Get Promoted?’

There’s a fine line between “motivated” and “overly ambitious.” Asking about a timetable for a promotion before you’ve even started a job is presumptuous, to say the least. Here’s a tip: You can get the same type of information by asking “What does the career path look like for this area of the company?” As opposed to sounding anxious or overly bold, framing your question this way will show that you’re in it for the long haul.

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