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Work Fun in the Summertime? Take These 6 Steps to Make It Happen!

For some, summer means vacation, travel and leisure time. For others, the heat can make long workdays feel even longer. But “hot fun in the summertime” doesn’t have to be limited to kids enjoying a break from school. Here are five ways you can spread some summer fun among your employees.

Get Creative with Time Off

Take advantage of the fact workloads are generally lighter during the summer (depending on the industry, of course) by offering perks like “half-day Fridays” and increased access to flextime than usual. And if your company doesn’t already have it built into the calendar, consider giving employees what’s sometimes called an extra day off — on the workday before Independence Day (Monday, July 4, on this year’s calendar), or the Friday before Labor Day (Sept. 1 in 2023).

Normalize Taking Summer Vacations

Another way to use time away from work as a recharging device is by encouraging employees to take a few of the vacation days they may have been hoarding. And one of the most effective ways of promoting taking time off is doing it yourself. Employees who are hesitant to take vacation are more likely to do so if they see you modeling work-life balance. Also, try to avoid sending work emails after business hours or on weekends so your employees can truly unplug while they’re away.

Take It Outside

Sunshine is a fantastically natural mood elevator, so take advantage of it! Hold staff meetings outside to give employees a refreshing change of scenery and a change of pace. Another option is to hold walking stand-up meetings.

Plan Offsite Work Sessions

Speaking of a change of scenery, summer is a great time to plan offsite workdays –whether it be for training, brainstorming, or working on a special project. Changing your routine could give your team a burst of productivity.

Schedule Special Team Events

There’s also something to be said for giving your team some time together without bringing work into it at all. Have a company- or department-wide picnic. Organize a group trip to a baseball game. Spend the day at the fair. You may even want to throw in a stipend for carnival food, rides and games.

Treat Your Employees

Everyone loves food, so whether it’s a special lunch, some homemade baked goods or your very own ice cream truck, offering goodies won’t soon be forgotten.

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