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New Series – Professional Success Toolkit

Usually, our blog posts focus on a specific aspect of the application or interview process. With this post, we’re starting a series on general keys to professional success. Whether you’re looking for a job or seeking tips on increasing your job satisfaction, the Professional Success Toolkit is here to offer some behaviors you can use to meet your goals.

Ask for – And Learn How to Take – Constructive Criticism

Requesting feedback from your boss can help you grow professionally by keeping a handle on your strengths and weaknesses. When you do get constructive criticism, try not to be defensive. You’re not being personally attacked; you’re looking for ways to reach your full potential. So, stay positive and ask for clarification if you need it.

Don’t Get Sucked into Workplace Gossip

Engaging in gossip is a quick way to torpedo morale. While some may think of it as little more than idle chatter, gossip can rob your co-workers of their dignity and damage relationships. Avoid gossip when you can, and when you do overhear some, do your best to respectfully shut it down.

Turn Complaints into Problem-Solving Opportunities

It’s normal to have a gripe or two on the job. But the next time you are tempted to complain about something at work, consider trying to figure out the problem and solve it. Not only will it increase your job satisfaction, but you’ll also get noticed for having leadership potential.

Allow for Extra Time

One of the most precious commodities we have is time, and there never seems to be enough of it. Compensate for this by building extra time into your schedule. This will allow for unexpected delays in your commute or contingencies in completing a project.

Be Kind

It doesn’t matter whether you’re job hunting or establishing yourself at a new job – exercising kindness makes you a better human being. Be kind to your recruiter, the receptionists who check you in for an interview, and your new co-workers once you’ve found an assignment. It will help you professionally, but it’s also just the right thing to do.’

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