The Skills Gap Exists – Here’s How to Overcome It

If you’ve been a part of the workforce for an extended period of time – especially within the temporary sector – you’ve likely heard the term “skills gap” thrown around. It refers to the gap between the current needs of a company and the capabilities of their employees or candidates, and it’s a very real […]

Easy Changes to Increase Diversity in Your Candidate Pool

Adding diversity to your candidate pool is beneficial in a variety of ways. Not only are you increasing your overall access to qualified recruits, you’re serving as a positive role model for your community and industry in general. You don’t even have to terminate any of your current employees to interject some diversity into your […]

How Can You Find a Job on Facebook?

It wasn’t long ago when the typical job hunt was restricted to the classified ads in newspapers, local bulletin boards and industry-driven career fairs. The prevalence of the internet has given rise to a brand-new avenue of approach for those who are looking for jobs: social media. While there are some sites that are specifically […]

What Do You Do After Your Job Assignment Is Over?

Temporary jobs come and go; that is the nature of the field. While many are eager to make the transition to full-time employment, some have no other choice but to look for the next available opportunity. In this case, there are some steps you can take that will make this process a little bit easier. […]

You Deserve a Raise – How Do You Ask For (and Get) One?

Although our nation’s unemployment rate recently reached a decade-long low, there are still too many skilled employees left working for a wage that is below their worth. If you think that you might be next in line for a pay raise or promotion at your company, don’t hesitate to speak up and make yourself noticed. […]

3 Deal Breakers to Watch Out for in Interviews

Everyone knows job interviews can be high-pressure situations that often force people to make mistakes. Many hiring managers and employment agencies are used to giving job applicants a little leeway to correct some of the things they say that don’t sound quite right. However, there are some things candidates can say in an interview that […]