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How An Apprenticeship Program Helps Your Business

Apprenticeship programs provide CEOs, managers and executives an efficient means of developing trade-specific talents within newly hired staff members. While apprenticeships were once reserved for certain industries, it is not uncommon to see apprentices in nearly every professional sector of the 21st century. In fact, when used to its maximum capabilities, in-house apprenticeship programs can affect your company in a myriad of different ways.

For starters, apprenticeship programs can be used as a highly effective way of evaluating newly hired staff members for potential long-term employment. Since most apprentices are interested in advancing their career right from the start, you’ll have the chance to cultivate strong professional relationships, build company loyalty and instill your company’s mission statement, goals and values.

Next, any successful graduates of an internal apprenticeship program will already have the required skills and knowledge to do their job successfully. The need for any additional training, orientation or mentorship can be completely eliminated through the use of a comprehensive apprenticeship program, which can refine and shape an individual’s skill set in order to match the specific needs of the job in question. Because of this, companies will be able to customize their workforce in order to meet their exact operational requirements.

Successful apprenticeship programs can also reduce company turnover. Employees who have been trained through an internal apprenticeship are far more likely to stick with a company on a long-term basis, ultimately raising retention rates and minimizing the need for additional recruitment or training measures in the future.

Apprenticed workers also tend to display higher and more consistent levels of morale and self-motivation on a day-to-day basis when compared to their non-apprentice peers. Through a combination of classroom-based learning and onsite training, apprentices are able to develop strong bonds with their instructors as well as a deep sense of responsibility to the company that trained them. As such, employers will benefit from increased productivity and long-term revenue generation from those who successfully complete their apprenticeships.

Internal apprenticeship programs can also help employers plan for the future. By disseminating your current workforce needs and forecasting those of the future, you’ll be able to ensure the availability of skilled and experienced staff members as needed.

Finally, depending on your geographic location within the United States, organizations that utilize their own apprenticeship programs may be eligible for certain tax benefits or other state-sponsored incentives. While this varies from state-to-state, city-to-state and even district-to-district, it’s certainly a matter that is worth investigating when deciding whether or not an internal apprenticeship is right for your company.

In Conclusion

Once you take into account all of the points highlighted above, it’s easy to see how an internal apprenticeship can affect your company’s bottom line. Not only will you see reduced operational costs and decreased employee turnover, but you’ll enjoy a direct benefit from increased productivity and greater profits across the board. Implementing an internal apprenticeship at your place of business may be easier than you think, and the benefits realized by your company will be well worth the effort put forth on your part.

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