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Make Review Meetings More Worthwhile

When executed correctly, meetings between a manager and an employee can be helpful and beneficial to all parties involved. Since some review meetings have a tendency to veer off track, sometimes glossing over important points or not even mentioning them at all, it’s important that all of your company’s meetings are led by a managerial-minded individual who knows what it takes to organize and run a successful meeting with today’s workforce.

Create a Checklist

Although some are able to conduct highly successful meetings based off mental notes made in their own head, it never hurts to draft a brief checklist to keep track of the primary points and objectives of the meeting. Not only does this ensure that you won’t forget any important details, but it also demonstrates a strong sense of organization while driving home the importance of the topic at hand.

Disseminate Schedules, Milestones and Goals

It’s important to detail, as clearly and concisely as possible, any future milestones, goals and operational schedules. This ensures your employees are all on the same page and working toward the same objective while clearly highlighting any needs, requirements and expectations for the future.

Keep Accurate Minutes

Meeting minutes, or notes, are used as a means of recording and tracking topics discussed over the course of the meeting. While this is typically handled by a secretary or administrative staff member, there’s nothing stopping managerial personnel from taking their own minutes. Things to be highlighted in such notes include main points, any calls to action and any agreed-upon resolutions.

Highlight Accomplishments

Take some time out of each meeting in order to discuss and highlight your staff’s recent accomplishments. Whether these are individual or team-oriented achievements, employees always like to know that their hard work is appreciated by their managers. Something as simple as a brief mention during an opening or closing statement will usually do the trick, though most meetings also present a great opportunity to hand out any awards that may be due.

Ask For Input

Don’t forget to open up the discussion to the questions and concerns of your employees. It doesn’t matter whether you do this at the beginning or the end of a meeting, but it’s certainly an important step to ensuring a productive and successful meeting. If this simply isn’t a viable option, due to time or other constraints, make sure to find the time to field your employees’ questions on an individual basis. Not only does this give your staff the opportunity to express any concerns, but it can also help alleviate problems that may arise in the future.

Conduct a Brief Review

Finally, make sure to conduct a brief review with the meeting’s attendants. This should be the absolute last item on your checklist, as this allows you the opportunity to reiterate any key points, go over questions with the audience and ensure a solid understanding of any strategies for moving forward. If you’ve kept detailed and accurate notes up to this point, these can be used as an excellence source for conducting the final review.

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