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Turn Your Temporary Assignment into a Permanent Position

Turning a temporary position into a full-time opportunity is the ultimate goal for many contingent workers in the U.S. While not always a viable option, many skilled workers have started their lifelong careers through temporary staffing agencies and temporary assignments. If you are actively trying to cultivate permanent employment from your current temp job, there are a number of tips and techniques at your disposal. Already proven successful in past circumstances, the following tricks will increase your odds of turning your current temp job into a full-time position.

Never View Your Role as Temporary

Those who are able to successfully transform their temporary role into a full-time opportunity never view the current job as a temporary assignment. Instead, consider this time an extended part of the interview and evaluation process. Doing well during this period is indeed one of the keys to turning a temporary assignment into full-time work.

Join the Team

Simply landing a temporary position and showing up on a day-to-day basis doesn’t mean that you are necessarily a full-fledged member of that company’s professional team. Make sure to introduce yourself to your co-workers and peers, especially the management staff, in order to instill a sense of familiarity with one another. Moreover, make sure to operate in tandem with your teammates and supervisors at all times. Not only does this drive productivity, but it will also demonstrate your ability to work with others on a daily basis.

Go Above and Beyond

Employees who are actively trying to turn their temporary position into a full-time job need to do everything they can to show their motivation, dedication and desire. Try to take on additional responsibilities whenever possible, but never take on more than you can handle. Going above and beyond your job description is a great way to gain some recognition in the workplace, but you need to do so in a way that does not affect quality or productivity.

Ensure Accessibility to Your Resume or Portfolio

Workers who are sourced through temporary staffing agencies should always keep a copy of their own resume on hand. You never know when that promotion will present itself, and you’ll want to make sure you are prepared when given the chance. If possible, upload a copy of your resume or professional profile to any internal company databases. This will give your managers the opportunity to review your information at their leisure, though you should still have a hardcopy available if needed.

State Your Intentions

Finally, don’t hesitate to state your exact intentions to your managers and co-workers. Your employer might not even be aware that you are seeking full-time employment unless you specifically let them know. If an employer somehow gets the impression that you are uninterested in a full-time job, they might never even make an offer.

Conversely, employers tend to promote from within their own ranks when trying to fill higher positions. If an employer is aware of your desire for full-time employment from the start, you might find yourself receiving that promotion even sooner than you expected.

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