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Make the Transition Easy for College Graduates

Transitioning from the college life to a career can be a daunting task for most recent graduates. Moreover, those who fail to make the transition successfully can cause a lot of harm to the productivity or reputation of their future employers. As such, employers that are actively recruiting new college graduates need to take every step possible in order to streamline the transition process.

Maintain a Presence at Tradeshows and Industry Events

While most students graduate from college during a specific time of year, there are a number of special circumstances that may allow a student to graduate ahead of time. Accelerated academic programs and exceptional student performance can all result in a student finishing school ahead of their expected graduation date. As an employer, you’ll want to do everything within your power to make sure that you are prepared for these graduates as well. By maintaining a strong presence at tradeshows and other industry-specific events, you are putting yourself in a position to consider these graduates at any time of the year.

Hold Career Fairs

Holding career fairs, either on a regularly scheduled basis or as needed, can be highly beneficial to your own company as well as any recent college graduates. Such events make it easy for recent graduates to connect with your company and vice versa, and it really streamlines the entire recruitment, hiring and onboarding process. Larger enterprises may be able to host their own career fairs, which let them put the focus solely on their company, but smaller companies may want to pool their resources with other employers in their industry or region.

Consider Entry-Level Resumes

Because they tend to lack a lot of information or workforce experience, a lot of companies won’t even consider entry-level resumes for full-time employment. However, when trying to recruit recent college graduates, such resumes should always be considered. The trick with entry-level resumes is to approach them with a specific set of standards in mind. Whether you are looking for a specific skill set, a specialized area of expertise or an exact degree, always take the time to review and consider entry-level resumes that match your needs and specifications.

Try Not to Focus on Academics

While a recent graduate with poor academic scores may be someone to avoid, one’s academic prowess does not always relate to their performance in the workplace. In fact, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education, most successful employers value internships, employment during college, specific degrees and even volunteer experience ahead of a recent graduate’s academic scores or GPA. In order to stay competitive in the industry, you’ll need to find a way to balance such factors in a way that benefits both you and the graduate.

Use an Outside Resource

Outsourcing the responsibility of finding qualified college graduates to fill the ranks of your workforce is a great way to recruit entry-level employees without having to go out of your way. Many such firms exist, with some specializing in specific industries, positions and even regions.

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