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Handle Your Job Offer the Right Way

Receiving and accepting a job offer is an exciting time in anybody’s life. Whether it’s the job of your dreams or just a stepping stone to something greater, receiving a job offer means that somebody has shown interest in your skillset and expertise. However, it’s important that you do not rush into any job offer. Instead, take some time to relax, assess the situation and react appropriately.


Before accepting a job offer, you may want to try and negotiate the specific terms. While this is not a viable option in every case or with every employer, negotiating terms such as salary and scheduling can go a long way in strengthening your excitement and motivation for the job. After starting a job, it’s difficult to negotiate these areas so your power comes during this window.

Ask Questions

It’s also important that you receive answers to any unresolved questions you may have about the position. Questions involving day-to-day production quotas, job responsibilities and expectations are all questions that employers receive on a regular basis. A hiring manager’s inability to answer such questions should raise an immediate red flag, and you may want to continue your job search elsewhere.

Make Your Final Decision

Once the negotiations have been finalized and all of your questions have been answered, it’s time to deliver your final decision. If possible, take a day or two to consider the job at hand, your current situation and any other options you may have. You may even want to consult with a friend or family member in order to aide in the decision-making process. Taking some time also allows for the emotion to settle down and helps with making a well thought-out decision.

When it comes to delivering your decision to a hiring manager, always do so in a professional manner. This holds true whether you are accepting or declining a job offer. While it’s okay to be excited and enthusiastic about accepting a position, now is not the time to come off as immature or otherwise unprofessional. Likewise, those who decline job offers in an unprofessional manner may find that their reputation begins to supersede them within the industry.

Prepare As Needed

Now is the time for final preparations. If you are currently employed, make sure to give your current employer proper notice before taking on your new job. Take this time to say goodbye to any of your current co-workers, and take down the contact information of your workplace friends in order to stay in contact.

You will also want to adjust your personal schedule appropriately in order to accommodate the work hours of your newfound role. This is especially true for individuals who have been away from the workforce as well as those who are transitioning to a new shift. Taking a week or two to allow your body to re-adjust and accommodate the new responsibilities can help you avoid burnout and stay motivated as you adapt to your new role.

Celebrate When Appropriate

Finally, feel free to celebrate after accepting a new job offer. While you’ll want to avoid coming off as overly enthusiastic or too excited in front of a hiring manager, there’s nothing wrong in enjoying the situation after a successful interview or phone call and celebrating on your own time.

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