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Benefits to Help Employee Retention on Second and Third Shift

As employers, we often take great pains to show our first-shift workers praise and attention. It is much deserved, after all. However, those who fail to show the same amount of appreciation and respect toward their 2nd- and 3rd-shift workers could be seriously hampering the productivity of the entire team.

Don’t Make Them Feel Like 2nd (or 3rd) Class Citizens

Remember, nobody wants to feel like they’re any less important than anyone else, and this absolutely holds true for those on later shifts. Employees who feel like they’re underappreciated, under-compensated or treated unfairly are bound to leave; regardless of their assigned shift.

Always take the time to hold group meetings with second- and third-shift employees. If possible, try to maintain an open door policy, as well. The key here is to make yourself as accessible as possible, even if you’re working the night shift. Employees on all shifts are bound to have questions, conflicts, and suggestions. It’s your job as a manager or owner to listen to their feedback and provide your own when necessary.

Provide Food and Beverages

Some offices and factories provide food and beverage options for their employees. Some, like the morning pot of coffee, are complementary. Others, like the meals served in an employee cafeteria, are paid options. In either case, it’s important to provide the same options across all shifts. Remember, first-shifters aren’t the only ones who need caffeine and lunch on a daily basis.

Share Breaking News with the Team

Let’s face it: most industry news is made during the morning or afternoon hours. Press releases, announcements, and reports are often delivered as early as possible in order to generate immediate buzz. However, this doesn’t account for news that happens after normal business hours, insider information leaks and even time zone differences between companies.

As such, don’t hesitate to share any late-breaking news with your 2nd and 3rd-shift employees. This is especially true if an announcement has the potential to affect their jobs directly, in which case all of your workers should be informed as soon as possible.

Finally, try to release news to your second- and third-shift workers before your first-shift employees. Apart from offering a change of pace from the normal routine, this is a great way to show your late-shift employees some love.

Strengthening Retention across the Board

Many employers have been able to achieve positive retention numbers by paying extra close attention to their workers on second and third shift. As these individuals are far more likely to be ignored, unappreciated or undervalued than those who are scheduled during normal business hours, simply showing them the same amount of respect and appreciation to all of your workers is a great strategy when trying to strengthen employee retention across the board.

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