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Do You Know What Your Personal Brand Is? It’s Time to Find Out!

Branding is a strategy that is used by companies as a means of giving their business a face. Such a transformation is necessary to give the general public a friendly, approachable and recognizable image that they can use instead of an overly complicated or complex business name. Proactive job seekers have begun using personal branding for much of the same purpose; to provide an easily relatable image that represents their professional attitude, mission, and reputation.

Use Google to Your Advantage

The first thing you should do when building a personal brand is to perform a Google search on your own name. By scanning and reviewing the relevant results, if any, you’ll have a better idea of what your potential employers or hiring managers might find in their own searches. Those who are familiar with search engine optimization and placement might even work their magic and improve the results that do appear.

Examine Your Social Media Presence

You’ll also want to take some time out to examine your current social media presence. Ideally, you should try to achieve consistency across all platforms. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles should all bear similar, if not identical, imagery and content.

Professionals who really want to bolster their social media presence should focus on LinkedIn when it comes to forging partnerships, building new connections and researching business opportunities. Because the site was made specifically with the 21st-century business person in mind, it’s already proven to be a valuable resource many times over.

Build Your Own Website

Maintaining an active presence on social media is a great way to maintain communications with prospective employers and business partners. However, some professionals find it helpful to build a personal website, too.

A personal website gives you the freedom of posting the exact type of content and media that you want, whereas many of today’s social media sites are quite limited. Some even use their websites to host online portfolios of their past work, which can work wonders when applying to new jobs and maintaining a consistent personal brand. If you aren’t able to create a personal website, look into using the Published Posts feature on LinkedIn.

Demonstrate Your Value Through Online Communications

Make sure to demonstrate your actual value through all of your online communications. Posting links to random news articles and pictures of puppies might attract a specific following in its own right, but it’s probably not one that will land you a new job. With that in mind, it’s important to focus your interactions on your skills, your work history, and your future goals. Not only will this help you maintain focus on your goals, but it’s bound to get your profile noticed by employers that share similar values.

Making the Most of Your Brand

Now that you know how to build and develop your personal brand, it’s time to put this tips to good use and make the most of your new expertise. While a personal brand isn’t absolutely essential to one’s success, it can go a long way in showcasing your familiarity with information technology, your dedication to personal success and your ability to capitalize on new trends.

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