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Improve Your Leadership ROI This Year

The concept of ROI is simple: To measure the benefit you (or your company) have gained in comparison to the investment made. While this is often used when discussing financial gains or losses, this unit of measurement can also be applied to your staff. Just as its important to experience a return on any monetary investments, it’s also important to capitalize on the improved skills of your team.

Focus, Focus, Focus!

It’s critical to pick an objective and stick to it over a long-term basis. Too many leaders try to tackle multiple goals at once, which usually results in their being too busy or spread across too many departments to be of any real help. Instead, choose an area or aspect of your team that needs improvement and see it all the way through. You might be surprised at how fast you start to see a real return on your investment.

There are a number of strategies that can be employed by leadership personnel in order to improve long-term focus. Keeping visual track of your team’s progress, either through a chart, spreadsheet or some other graphic, is a great way to maintain pursuit of any goals. Providing this information in a digital format even gives you the option of sharing reports with your team members and among members of the community.

Make the Most of Your Time

Apart from knowing how to make the most of their own time, effective leaders also know how to maximize the time and effort of their team members. Remember: There’s an extremely limited amount of hours in each day or each shift. If you want to lead your team and your company to long-term success, it’s important you’re able to prioritize goals and milestones, delegate individual tasks and supervise ongoing progress.

Communicate Effectively

Never underestimate the power of communication; especially in the workplace. Proactive leaders are able to monitor their employees, provide constructive criticism and listen to feedback. Even if you’re currently doing one or two of these things, it’s critical you provide the entire range of leadership qualities in order to maximize your ROI.

If possible, try to maintain an open-door policy at all times. Not only does this give your team members quick and easy access to you in the event of an emergency, this simple act can even build trust between leadership and the general workforce.

Leading Your Team to Success

A true leader will always provide a shining example for their team to follow. While there are times where some amount of sternness or strictness is called for, there’s a fine line between those who lead by example and those who lead according to nothing more than their job title. In order to see success and maximize your return, it’s important to find a balance between the peace and chaos.

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